About me

Early Life: First business was started at 8 years old. The Chris and Nick Candy Company, it was the first of my many failures, the summer heat was too intense and melted all the chocolate. From there we sold POGs (if you are under 20 or over 40 you probably don't remember these (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milk_caps_(game)), the fad only lasted a minute so failure #2. In the middle there was another dozen of so failures. Then came teelaunch. The original idea for teelaunch was an utter disaster, racked up $700k in debt and was losing money at an alarming pace. Had to consider for the first time filing for bankruptcy. Had an idea, thought with Teespring being so popular I bet that people would be looking to expand their businesses off Teespring and on to their own store, so we took (3) credit cards and released our hail mary, and 4 years later, and $50M in sales teelaunch is still going strong.